Reference material


Reference material that has been relevant to the development of this proposal:


GPSMac Blog [] — My blog documenting experiences with using the Macintosh for geocoding.

iCinema [] — The iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research at the University of New South Wales, a joint venture of the College of Fine Arts, Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, brings together researchers and postgraduate students in new media, aesthetics, cinematic theory, multimedia design, computer science, cognitive science, software/hardware engineering and mining virtual reality.

Masaki Fujihata’s Field Works [] — A series of projects which reconstruct collective memories into cyberspace by using position data captured by GPS and moving image captured by video.

Michael Naimark’s Viewfinder [] — Viewfinder is an easy-to-use way for a community of users to find the pose of their photographs with respect to Google Earth as well as to neighbouring photographs. Micahel Naimark’s bio.

A history of online curating [] — The history of curatorial methods on the Internet is a history of exhibitions and curators, books and authors, magazines and editors, computers and artworks.

TechCrunch: The 3D Real/Virtual World Hybrid: How Far Away? [] — How long will it be until we can stroll through the streets in a virtual world that is identical to our own?

Photomontage in the Digital Age [] — Photomontage, Photosynth and authorship.

gigapan [] — Upload, share, and explore brilliant gigapixel+ panoramas from around the globe.

earthmine [] — A spatially accurate, truly 3D inventory of the world.

Microsoft Photosynth NASA video [] — Live Labs joined forces with NASA to provide a Photosynth tour of the shuttle Endeavour.

Microsoft Live Labs and Live Maps [,guid,8458aa3b-8095-4492-861e-d43bd75a2fe2.aspx] — The Virtual Earth 3D experience lets you see bird's eye images in context.

Windows Live Photo Gallery Image Stitching [!1AD33AA162CE96C2!506.entry] — Windows Live Photo Gallery includes a panoramic stitching component developed by the Interactive Visual Media group in Microsoft Research. 

Representing Earth forum [] — University of Southern California Interactive Media Division forum to introduce Viewfinder, a fast, lean project to seamlessly “Flickrize” Google Earth.

Photo Tourism [] — Multi-View Stereo for Community Photo Collections: Photo Tourism from the University of Washington creates 3D models from Flickr photos. Brian Smoliak’s blog with more details of the University of Washington’s work and some discussion of the implications.

Sydney by night [] — High definition online photography using Autpano Pro [Autopano Pro 1.3 fails to open on Leopard. 1.4 beta appears to work fine].

Calico [] — Stitching software for Mac OS X.

Double Take [] — Stitching software for Mac OS X.

Tourist Remover [] — Remove moving objects such as tourists or passing cars from your photos.

Photosynth item on Wired Science video from PBS

Warrumbungle National Park from Siding Springs, 19 October 2007

Information Aesthetics [] — Geo-visualizations, based on the time, explicit location and people’s description of thousands of Flickr photos

UpNext [] — 3D navigation of virtual cities (Manhattan only so far). Navigation is worth looking at.

Photosynth at the BBC [] — The BBC have been collaborating in a technical trial with the Microsoft Live Labs Photosynth team to create three-dimensional photographic collections.

Photosynth builds your digital world [] — abc News item. Virtually there: bringing landmarks home.

PicLens [] — PicLens transforms Firefox into a full-screen 3D experience for viewing images across the web. The "3D Wall" lets you effortlessly drag, click, and zoom your way around a wall of pictures for an extraordinary viewing experience.

Navigating the World’s Photographs [] — Google talk presentation from the University of Washington team on Photo Tourism and related technologies.

locr [] — Locate your photos, discover the world and share with friends.